At Tuscany Hotel Alle Dune we are happy to welcome your 4-legged friends!

We kindly ask you to follow our rules in order to ensure a "stress-free" holiday for both animals and people.
The rooms reserved for stays with your 4-legged friends are of the type Marina and Family, located in our Villas Gorgona and Capraia.
Is allowed only one small dog (max 10 kg) per room and 5 animals present at the same time in the entire Hotel.
Animals should be led on a leash in the Hotel park, in the "Check & Wine" Reception area, at the Bar, at the "AcaciAmare" Restaurant and on the beach, where will be reserved for you an umbrella in a position that allows greater freedom of movement for dogs.
Access to your 4-legged friends is not allowed in the swimming pool and in the surrounding area with whirpool and solarium, and also in the Biberoneria and in the area in the front of it.
According to municipal ordinances, animals are not allowed to get in the water in private bathing areas.
In no case may the dog be left free to roam inside the Hotel park or on the beach - even if wearing a muzzle - and in no case should it be left alone in the room, even for short periods.
We also kindly ask you to watch carefully so that the animals do not disturb the other guests and to promptly remove solid manure, placing it in the special bins.
At the time of Check-in we will ask you to present the health passport issued by the veterinarian, with the confirmation of the valid vaccinations.
Thanks for your cooperation and happy holidays at Tuscany Hotel Alle Dune!

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